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    Cash For Cars Christchurch & Scrap Car Removal.

    Locally owned and operated business serving local Canterbury community.

    NZ All Cars Dismantler is a local car wrecker business helping kiwis sell their old vehicles for some instant cash. We are offering fast and professional Cash For Cars services across Canterbury region.

    Why Choose NZ All Cars Dismantler?

    A Reliable and Professional Service Every Time

    When you choose NZ All Cars Dismantler, you choose a business that is focused on quality customer service. We value our customers because they are the purpose of our business. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

    Our aim is to provide services which will have the following characteristics:

    • Professionalism All of our team members have been in the business for years so they know exactly how to provide a service that our customers deserve.

    • Reliability – Our services run everyday from sunrise to sunset. And we are on call at other times.
    • Fast – We mostly come to inspect your vehicles within an hour from first contact. And in most cases we buy your unwanted car and pay for it right on the spot.
    • Free towing – Once we purchase your car, we will tow your car from your property immediately or at a time that suits you best. There is no towing fee for you to pay since this towing service is free of charge.
    • Top cash – We offer the highest cash payment for any unwanted car. We are more than happy to match or even beat any written quotes.

    Are you looking for a TOP Cash For Cars in Christchurch?

    We offer up to $5000 for any complete or incomplete car.

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    Instant Cash For Unwanted Vehicles

    NZ All Cars Dismantler pays instant cash for any kind of unwanted vehicle. We pay cash for car, vans, 4WDs, Utes, SUVs, and trucks. We buy all these types of cars even in their worst conditions.

    When we say we “Pay Top Cash For Your Car”, we really do. We pay you up to $5000 cash for any complete or incomplete car. You could be selling your junk car or you could be selling your old car, you are still in for some awesome amount of cash from NZ All Cars Dismantler. Our “Paying Cash” policy has no discrimination against any type of car. We buy all cars whether they are complete wreak or just a running car. It never matters if your car has no WOF or has no REGO or is deregistered. We want them very badly.

    Eco-friendly Car Recycling and Car Disposal

    You might think your car is a complete rubbish chunk but we at NZ All Cars Dismantler never think that way. Because there are still some parts of it suitable for reuse and recycling. We take out the working parts and resell them to help some other Kiwis continue moving on the roads. On the other hand, we get some very environmentally hazardous substances out of these cars. These substances need proper disposal to make sure our great environment is safe. We know how to do this. So next time you consider selling you junk car or selling your unwanted car, consider NZ All Cars Dismantler. Because we care about you and about the environment.

    We Remove Cars for Free From Anywhere in Christchurch

    NZ All Cars Dismantler is a dedicated old car removal business in Christchurch committed to serve the Christchurch community. Our car removal service is so flexible that will work perfectly with your schedules. When we say “ Free car removal”, it is not just a free removal service. It is in fact a complete bundle of great service.

    • Instant cash quotes & payments – We will provide you with an instant quote for your car, and make a cash payment on the spot when you are happy to sell your old car to us. You can get a cash quote either by phoning us on 0800 468 015 or filling an online quote request form.
    • Cash payments of up to $5000 – We pay you cash on the spot, up to $5000 for any car. However how much money you get for your car will depend on the make, model, age or condition of the car.
    • Free car removals – After you have sold your car to us, we prepare to remove your car for no cost to you. We can either remove the car immediately or schedule it for another time most suitable for you. You decide when the car has to be removed.
    • Free paperwork – We come prepared for paperwork. Paperwork is the legal part of the car sale transaction. Rest assured we know how all these works. There will be very minimal part of the paperwork that would need to be done by you as the seller.

    Please have the following ready when we arrive:

    • Your car parked in an easy to access area if possible.
    • Your driver’s licence or another form of photo ID
    • The title for your car
    • The plates for your car removed if possible