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    Best offer, cash payments
    Free Quotes, Free Removal
    Sell your unwanted cars for top dollars today!
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    Best offer, cash payments
    Free Quotes, Free Removal
    Sell your scrap cars for top dollars today!
    0800 468 015

    Welcome to NZ All Cars Dismantler – Where you can cash in your unwanted cars

    Instant cash for cars | Free instant quotes | Free car removal | All makes and models | ANY AGE | ANY CONDITION

    NZ All Cars Dismantler is a Canterbury owned business specializing in all vehicles removal and all vehicles wrecking. Our mission is to provide a car removal service which pays top cash for cars, pays top cash for scrap cars, pays top cash for junk cars, pays top cash for scrap vehicles and pays top cash for all vehicles whether they are complete vehicles or just scrap vehicles sitting somewhere on your property taking up space and becoming an eyesore and an environmental hazard.

    Leading Auto Dismantler Christchurch

    We are one of the leading auto dismantlers in Christchurch providing reliable and free vehicle removal service in Christchurch & wider Canterbury regions. Our car removal Christchurch and car removal Canterbury means we have you covered in the service no matter where you are in Canterbury. We do not discriminate if your vehicle has no WOF, no REGO, it is not running or has mechanical problems that will cost you an arm and a leg. Rest assured our free car vehicle removal service will not cost you a dollar.

    Once you sell you junk car to us then you should expect a free of charge reliable vehicle removal service which is second to none. Our free vehicle removal process should kick in as soon as you sign the paperwork. Most of the time this is called “instant vehicle removal” which is instant. In most cases, the truck driver will turn up with some awesome cash in the pocket to give and tow the vehicle in no time. In some other occasions, we organize a free removal service for your vehicle in time which is most suitable to you.

    Our flexible team will ensure our customers have the best experience with us possible. That’s why we work around your schedules when we offer you a service.

    How do I sell my vehicle to NZ All Cars Dismantler?

    Easy process!

    • Call us for a quote – You can call us on 0800 468 015 or fill out the “get a quote” form on this website or send us an email and submit your vehicle’s details such as REGO and makes and models. Tell us about any problems your vehicle may have.
    • Get  the quote –  We will look up for your vehicle’s information on some  websites such as and do an offline vehicle valuation. Then get back to you with a cash offer for your car or any type of vehicle it might be in no time.
    • Get cash for your vehicle – Once you accept our cash offer, we will personally deliver your chunk of cash to your door and organize the vehicle to get removed from your property immediately.
    • Free Removal – When you have received your money and you have signed all the paperwork, our vehicle removal team will remove the vehicle from your property immediately or at a time most suitable and comfortable for you.

    What sort of vehicles does NZ All Cars Dismantler buy?

    At NZ Auto Dismantler, we pay cash for any vehicle regardless of its age, type, or condition. We buy and pay cash for cars, pay cash for vans, pay cash for 4WDs, pay cash for SUVs, pay cash for UTEs, pay cash trucks. We pay cash for diesel vehicles and pay cash for petrol vehicles. If you have a vehicle which has no WOF or has no REGO, we still want them. You can get cash for all makes and model cars, vans, 4WDs, SUVs, UTEs and trucks.

    How much do I get for my unwanted vehicle?

    NZ All Cars Dismantler will pay maximum dollars for any vehicle regardless of their age or condition. However how much cash you would get for your vehicle will depend on the vehicle you are trying to get rid of. Age and condition of the vehicle will also play a role in how much cash you can get for your vehicle.

    The following information will give you an indication of how much you could expect from NZ All Cars Dismantler for your unwanted vehicle.

    • Cars – any makes, models, old or new. Paid $150 – $5000
    • Vans – any makes, models, old or new. Paid $250 – $9000
    • 4WDs – any makes, models, old or new. Paid $250 – $9000
    • Trucks – any makes, models, old or new. Paid $500 – $15000

    The above pricing is indicative only and again how much you get will depend on the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle you are selling.